Beyonce meets Wildfox in ‘Why Don’t You Love Me?’ Video

Beyonce’s new video, ‘Why Don’t You Love Me?’, is Bettie-Page-naughty-but-nice-domestic-goddess-tastic, and Beyonce’s right, you would be ‘plain dumb’ not to love her! We think the video looks like it’s had the Wildfox look book treatment, especially from the Young Guns Spring Summer 2010 collection (which Beyonce herself has been wearing recently!).

So the key to creating a Wildfox/Beyonce/Bettie Page mash-up is; plenty of beautiful vintage inspired clothes and styling, retro hair and make-up, throw some 1950/60s Bettie Page style moves in front of the camera and, of course, lots confidence and attitude! (We just can’t guarantee you’ll look like Bey!)

We’re a little bit addicted to watching Bey’s video already, and really want some 50s style full briefs to wear with our Wildfox tees while we clean the house with our rollers in! Desperate Housewives eat your heart out!

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