Flash Tattoos


Flash Tattoos are the original innovative temporary tattoos for serious (and not so serious) fashionistas.

The brand responsible for launching the metallic tattoos craze, Flash Tattoos are “perfect for the beach, the pool, parties, festivals, concerts ….anywhere where you and your skin might be seen having fun.

Founded in Texas in 2013 by designer and creative director Miranda Burnet, who was inspired by her love of jewellery and bold accessories to ” put a fun spin on couture jewellery, to create a captivating ‘line’ that was not only beautiful but also fun and affordable.” While the designs undoubtedly look great on the skin, Burnet says the beauty is enhanced by the temporary nature of the tattoos – “Each is fleeting, ephemeral – to be gazed upon and enjoyed in the now, before it is gone. Of course, once it is gone, you can always just apply another one!”

Since launching Flash Tattoos have quickly become a firm favourite amongst stylists, celebrities, editors, bloggers and fashionistas everywhere – they are a huge hit with beach and surfing crowds and an absolutely vital accessory for festival goers worldwide…..

Sadly there are fakes out there – but don’t accept the fake – when the real deal is so much better!



For wholesale queries or details of a stockist near you, please contact agency@selfserviceuk.com.


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