Beyonce keeps her heart locked up in Wildfox tee!

Who wears short shorts? Bey wears short shorts! Beyonce doesn’t put a Louboutin clad foot wrong in this delish Easter outfit while dining out at Nello’s in New York with hubby Jay-Z! Creating a luxe, high-fashion, but laid-back look is tricky, but Beyonce manages to do it with ease; take a casual outfit base of Daisy Duke shorts and a Wildfox tee, with a Chanel jacket and jewellery, and sky-high metal-toed ‘Maggie’ Louboutins, topped off with Ray Bans and a killer hair-do – and you’ve got one heck of a look! Rumour has it that the pitter patter of tiny rock stars are on the way for Bey and Jay – do we have Bey-Z on the way???

While I can’t help you get killer legs like Bey, I can help you get the look! I’ve come up with some similar items so you too can get the dressed down chic look (without the Chanel or Louboutin price tags! Ok, well all except that Chanel necklace – but it’s soooo pretty!)

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