Cheryl Cole looks stunning in Wildfox for Stylist Pick campaign

I say this as I eat a big bag of skittles, Cheryl Cole has recently unveiled her latest collection for Stylist Pick which has been inspired by her favourite sweets; think fizz balls, pink shrimp, flying saucers and humbugs! This is Cheryl’s’ second collection for the on-line shoes and accessories boutique, the cute wedges and boots are designed by Cheryl herself. We absolutely love the campaign, it’s fresh and shows Cheryl looking prettier than ever but the best part is that she is rocking the Wildfox White Label, Eagle Lennon Sweater!

For those of you who don’t know about Stylist Pick, it’s time to get involved. The on-line store provides a monthly service which helps you to find the perfect shoe to match your style with the help of stylists and fashion experts to help you with your choice such as Louise Roe, Grace Woodward and of course Cheryl. It’s also a really fun experience, we had a great time filling in our style questionnaire choosing who’s wardrobe we would like to steal! You can become a member and start your journey to the perfect shoe by clicking here!!

If you love how Cheryl looks and want to complete the style you can go straight to to shop White Label including the Eagle Lennon Sweater, alternatively you can visit Selfridges!

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