La Mer Watches have Summer Style Wrapped Up

Wrap watches are hot news this summer (and double up as a watch and  bracelets), and the brand that started the craze is La Mer. From neutral, understated browns and blacks, to acid bright colours with charms and leopard print and studs, the wrap watch is set to overtake the popularity of the standard boyfriend fit watch and be THE watch to be seen with this summer.

La Mer was established in 2001 by Martine Ilana, and with her love of technology, design and travel, each watch is beautiful, but also has a story to tell. The current collection has a beachy, seaside feel, with vibrant blues and maritime inspired charms.

Inspiration is drawn from her journeys: South Africa’s colorful markets, Bali’s lush flowers, Italy’s gorgeous leathers and Thailand’s clear blue ocean. Each season La Mer’s color palette is chosen from these bright and colorful experiences. La Mer Collections’ focus is on classic watch faces designed exclusively by Martine Ilana, paired with beautiful leather straps. Every leather wrap watch is hand assembled in the United States and made with care.

La Mer is available at ASOS and are set to launch in Selfridges from August.



  1. Smoozie

    I just bought one of these watches and I love the look…if only I could figure out how to wear it right. After making it secure enough, the strap ends up being way too long and flaps around. Any thoughts?


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