NFL Junk Food Window at Selfridges, London

NFL fever has hit London, and Selfridges, being the achingly cool shopping mecca that it is, is hot on it. Selfridges have teamed up with NFL and Junk Food Clothing to bring you the new range of t-shirts by Junk Food for the NFL game coming to London at the end of the month. Check out the brand new NFL window dedicated to Junk Food.

nfl junkfood selfridges

The American football game between the New England Patriots and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be held at Wembley on the 25th October. Ok so I don’t know a whole lot about American football (put it this way, it wouldn’t be my specialist mastermind subject!) but I do know a few facts. One of the Patriot’s players, Tom Brady (hot hot hot FYI, he alone is worth a ticket!), is Mr Gisele Bundchen and her future baby daddy! I mean seriously, just look at them, they’re so gorgeous it’s ridiculous (they must be robots!)

tom brady and gisele bundchen

And the NFL also has some celeb fans from here in the UK; Vernon Kay and heart-throb Ethan from the X-factor are fans. So if you fancy watching the game, at home or at Wembley, make sure you’re wearing your official NFL Junk Food tee!

nfl selfridges

I’ve just officially given you the excuse to watch hot men run around and go to Selfridges, don’t say I don’t love you!

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  1. Lindsay

    Funny thing about those t-shirts though – the middle one says the Baltimore Colts, with the Colts logo on the helmet. Well folks, it’s actually the INDIANAPOLIS Colts and the Baltimore Ravens. Pretty big FAIL, Selfridges & Junk Food.

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