Resolutions revisited….via Sundry//

Like every January past and probably every January future  /  in January 2015 I made a resolution // a resolution that might ordinarily have dwindled away once February arrived // not this time though / this time  I actually managed to stick to it ….



so although pre Jan 15 the gym and I were acquainted – post Jan 15 we are frankly buddies – friends if you like……to the point where a year on a large portion of my wardrobe now features d r y  w i c k i n g technology and maybe a hint of fluorescent // who’d have thought……



It seems though I am far from alone // after decades in the wilderness – being fit is now a thing // and has an entire clothing category dedicated to it – I give you ATHLEISURE  // a natty word combo that covers the journey to the gym / the class itself/ the post workout coffee …..these are clothes to live and lounge in as well as work out in – and no one has a better range for this than SUNDRY …..



we’ve been shipping the new collections to stores like Selfridges and Harrods this last month and it has to be said that with it’s focus on super soft hoodies / pullovers/ yoga leggings and sweatpants ….this range is a t h l e I s u r e perfection // [not the easiest of things to say ] hearts and stripes are  the Sundry motif du jour and nautical colours abound – with a flash on neon and serious amount of heather grey…. this is a collection in which to LIVE/ LAUGH / LOVE  have COFFEE and yes WORK OUT…..get me to that anti gravity suspension class….








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