The work of magic // wildfox’s fairytale collection

The work of magic is this – that it breathes – and at every breath transforms realities …….


For Spring 16 the work of magic is there for all to see in Wildfox’s ethereal new collection –  inspired by the mysteries of the fairy tale – those ancient stories of transformation that have beguiled us for centuries….


emerging from the waters and weaving a tale of unicorns, mermaids and fairies  – Wildfox has created a dreamily romantic collection that brings together the elements of whimsy and fun that define the brand – but adds in a new dimension altogether with the stunning new woven story of dresses, blouses, playsuits and jumpsuits…..


delicate colours run through the range – its an ice cream collection of pastels with a hint of something darker – something more dangerous – a fairy dancing in the mists  //


a mermaid stranded on the rocks//


a unicorn under cover of darkness//


as ever its a collection built upon connections // friends // friendships // humour and love // a collection for girls – whatever their  ages……


available now from:; Selfridges: Harrods; Harvey Nichols

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