We Love Denim


This season, our favourite colour is denim.

Like monochromes, the durable fabric simply goes with everything. Indigo — stonewashed, preferably — can be teamed with stripes, whites, reds or any other colour or pattern you find in your wardrobe. You can also double denim your outfit by mixing different items (or even shades) of denim together as we’ve seen in past decades and we are beginning to see again now…

The 90s are back and so are the 70s.

During the 90s, fashion was obsessed with all things 70s and so are we! We are dreaming of flares, of the high-waisted kind, ripped denim on cute short sleeved jackets, skinny blue jeans and shorts. This is a fabric that will never go out of style. Investing in some staple denim pieces is a good time and denim experts Genetic have a beautiful summer collection consisting of pieces that make you want to own every single one of them.

Originally designed to be an enduring fabric for work uniforms, denim has become a uniform of our lives today. You might even be wearing jeans right now as you’re reading this. If you aren’t, you most definitely own a pair. As the temperatures will rise this summer, it will be time to show some leg. Blue denim shorts have already been a staple item at spring festival Coachella this year and they’re set to be every fashionista’s wardrobe essential.

What will you be wearing this summer?


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