It’s time to take a linear approach…

Stripes illustration 3

It’s time to take a linear approach this spring for the classic print is getting a fashion makeover.

Whether it’s timeless monochrome stripes, mixing or reinterpreting the rigid stripe format, our favourite brands are showing us how it’s done.

In Finders Keepers’ latest spring collection Lumiere, we are seeing freehand stripes that allow a refreshing interpretation of the classic pattern. For the brand’s past collection Harvest we saw panels of diagonal stripes juxtaposed with horizontal stripes on intricate silhouettes of skirts, dresses and roll neck tops, which have been particularly popular with the bloggers.

Seaside lovers Sundry are going for a casual chic French take on stripes, where thin lines are arranged on a contrasting background, often providing the backdrop for beautiful words and symbols. The Californian label also accentuates its luxe basics with a few block stripes, making for bold statements.

Mixing vertical and horizontal monochrome stripes with wiggly edges on their fantastic swimwear, Wildfox are giving vintage classics an updated look that will last beyond this year’s hot season.

At LNA we are seeing chunky stripes in different textures on knitwear in coral, black, white and beige, while their luxurious sheer basics alternate between black and taupe.

The Fifth take a subtle approach with horizontal stripes on white fabric gridded with hinted vertical lines, making for an almost-there checked print. The Fifth also use a more classic stripe pattern on beautiful basics with an edge, such as cropped tops.

This spring, mix stripes with more stripes or emphasize this beautiful pattern by pairing it with block colours. Which style of stripes will you go for?

FKLumiere4 FKLumiere3 FKLumiere2 FKLumiere1 SundryStripes5 SundryStripes3 SundryStripes2 Sundry1 Stripes illustration 1 FindersKeepersStripes finderskeepersstripes FindersKeepersStripes Stripes illustration 2 WildfoxCruise15Stripes LNAStripes LNAStripes LNAStripes LNAStripes TheFithStripes2 TheFithStripes

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