Dreaming of Paradise


As far as we’re concerned winter is done.

As far as we’re concerned, winter is done. Once we’ve cured our New Year’s Eve hangover, got rid of the Christmas tree and started all things new, fresh and better, isn’t it about time to switch to spring?

What we all need is some good old Vitamin Sea. Beach please, warm sun kissing our skin, slurping exotic fruit cocktails and hearing the to and fro of the waves… Paradise!

Time to plan your next getaway to a hot location — we can almost smell the sun screen. Where is your paradise? When will you go? And what will you take?

She who wishes to travel far and fast, needs to travel light. There’s really not much you need: passport, bikini, swimsuit, light dress, sunglasses, sun lotion, pocket money. Leave your phone at home, seize every moment.

Featuring a colour palette of neon, ombre and pastel shades on swimwear, dresses, rompers and flowing maxi dresses, Wildfox Cruise 2015 Party Like It’s ’99 has been inspired by 90s fashion, Barbie and vintage sports illustrated swimsuits.

We are seeing sporty zip details on neoprene and high leg one swimsuits, timeless pieces of vintage-inspired classics and more daring Brazilian cuts, that allow you to mix and match according to your body type and personal style pref.

Let’s collect moments. Book a ticket and just leave.

Wildfox is available online at Wildfox Couture UK or Asos or in store at Harrods, Selfridges and at select local boutiques near you.

Wildfox Paradise Paradise4 WildfoxParadise Paradise2 WildfoxParadise2 Wildfoxparadise3 Wildfox Paradise 4 Paradise3 Wildfox Paradise Paradise5 Wildfox Paradise Beach Huts

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