Interview with WILDFOX Kimberley Gordon

Kim Gordon Wildfox Interview

Everybody loves Wildfox. In a recent interview with Chavie Lieber at Racked, UK born Creative Director and Co-Founder of Wildfox Kimberley Gordon tells us how she was really into raves and festivals and how celebs like Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton buying Wildfox helped make the brand more popular since its beginnings in 2007. We find out that there will be a Wildfox perfume launching with Elizabeth Arden and how the Wildfox girl always keeps a Bikini in her purse. We have put together the best bits of the interview below…

How did you get the business started and get your name out there?

‘It was a combination of being young, having almost ignorant optimism and really good luck. When we first came up with the brand, we knew there was a hole [in the market]. We wanted to shop for vintage-looking graphic tees but couldn’t find them. So we just filled that hole. When you’re competing with other brands, it’s hard, but we were lucky we picked something that there wasn’t much of.

‘I was really into raves and festivals and wore crazy outfits with feathers and glitter. We couldn’t get into [trade shows] Project or Magic, so we had to go to an indie trade show called United. It was our only option, but we got lucky because all these boutique LA vendors came to see what it was like and we had a giant booth and we were hoola hooping and had models running around. Kitson came over and put in a big order. Kitson was the most monumental because once they had it in their stores, celebs like Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton started buying it.’

wildfox lagoon kimberley gordon interview

Why did you move into swimwear?

‘It naturally works for us to go into swim. [The person who wears our brand] is always going to the beach. It’s a Wildfox thing to run to the sea side or keep a bikini in her purse. I had a friend from high school who is really talented and we have this great little swim collection now.’

What is coming up next for Wildfox?

‘We have a perfume launching with Elizabeth Arden so we’ll do a big campaign with that and we have a store opening in Sunset Plaza [in LA]. We’re also trying to open a store in Malibu.’

wildfox lagoon interview kimberley gordon

Does creating T-shirts ever get boring? How do you stay inspired and motivated?

‘It changes a lot. Every season we do a different theme so that helps. It helps you feel inspired to design. I imagine a muse and design a collection for her. One way to stay motivated is to be inspired again and again by what you’re doing. You have to love what you’re doing. You do get really tired of it. People are under this illusion that you live a fabulous life where you are designing all the time, but it’s hard work and 70 percent of the time, I’m planning. When I am designer, it’s refreshing. I think of clothes in a story of who the girl is and where she is going to wear the clothes to. The visual [editorial], the lifestyle brand part of it is my favorite part.’

Campaign images from the Wildfox Lagoon Lookbook. Shop Wildfox at Selfridges, Harrods, ASOS and at Wildfox Couture UK.

wildfox lagoon kimberley gordon interview 2

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