10 Style Tips for Showing off Class & Style

aimee song of style wardrobe

Need some inspiration this spring to determine what to add to your wardrobe after that big closet detox? Here are our 10 style tips on what to wear and how to wear it, to ensure you feel comfortable within your (second) skin.

1. Stay polished

Wildfox Denim Director Michelle Siwy believes that, “To dress casually but still look great, I think staying polished is the key. It stops you coming across as sloppy or lazy. Tying a look together with details like jewellery, good shoes and making sure your make-up is on point, can upgrade your overall look.” Listen out, this is coming from the queen of perfectly manicured nails.

Michelle Siwy Wildfox Denim Director

2. The hem of your trousers should match your shoes

Stylist Kate Young insists, “The biggest mistake women make is wearing pants that aren’t the right length for their shoes.” Know which of your trousers look best with flats and which look best with heels. Flared jeans, for example, work well with an open toe heel. As a general rule of thumb, “hems should just graze the tops of your shoes and be from ½ inch to ¾ inch off the floor.” (source: InStyle, image: Genetic)

Genetic Spring 14

3. Let your coat make a statement

Most people will only ever see you in your jacket, yet it’s an item of clothing that people often don’t give second thoughts to when putting together their outfit. Stock up your coat collection and get a statement piece every season to get a bit of variety into your outer garments. Finders Keepers have beautiful bombers that are perfect for transitional seasons or British summer nights.

Finders Keepers the Label Inception Collection 9

4. Wear a tee under it

Can’t wait to show off your new strapless summer dress? Wear it with a plain white or black t-shirt underneath. Yeah, it’s a bit 90s but that’s okay, right? Aimee Song of Song Of Style has the right idea…

Aimee Song of Style in Finders Keepers the Label

5. When in doubt, overdress

It’s always better to be overdressed rather than underdressed. If you’re unsure what people will be wearing to an event, you’ll feel tons more confident in a cool trouser suit and heeled sandals than in your favourite jeans and t-shirt combination. Goes without saying, right? If standing in your Sunday Best in a room full of streetwear fans causes you to blush, then putting a pair of branded trainers into your bag that you can swap into, is a confident ironic option.

Ball Gowns Charles James and adidas trainers

6. Dress well at night

To say it in the Huffington Post’s words, “You’ve spent all day looking lovely, so why not go to bed looking pretty too? Falling asleep is all about comfort so rest assured, pretty pyjamas don’t mean uncomfortable ones. Lose the oversized shirt or baggy sweats for lightweight pyjama bottoms and top. Who knows? You might sleep easier.” Wildfox have just the ones…

Wildfox PJs Holiday 2013 Classic PJ Set Je taime and Wildfox logo

7. Wear the trousers

Ditch your cocktail dress for a tailored trouser suit from time to time. Kate Moss does it, so why the hell not!? “It’s the perfect balance between sexy and subversive,” reckon Glamour Magazine. Jumpsuits are another beautiful alternative to dresses and can be dressed up with high heels and a blazer. Check out Jessica Alba wearing a beautiful navy Finders Keepers jumpsuit.

Jessica Alba in Finders Keepers Jumpsuit

8. Legs or chest

Never both. Know how much skin to show and decide which part of your body you’re going to accentuate. The same goes for lips and eye make-up. Unless you’re Madonna…

madonna 80s

9. Wear high quality accessories

You can get away with wearing a dress that cost as much as a restaurant meal if you dress it up with high quality accessories. Make sure your jewellery, bag and shoes make up for what you’ve saved from your outfit.


Kate Hudson in the Wildfox Sun Clubfox Frame

Kate Hudson in the Wildfox Sun Clubfox Frame


10. Life’s too short to wear boring clothes

Sometimes we can get stuck in a clothes rut. Dare to wear something new and out of character every now and then. Show off your legs in a skirt if you always stick to trousers or dress in monochrome if you always wear lots of colours. Whatever it may be, get at least one item every season that’s outside your fashion comfort zone. You’ll be surprised how well it might suit you. Go ahead and experiment!

Wildfox Fall Winter 2014 at New York Fashion Week 10

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