Beard and Bun: The Man-Do

Elvine AW13 Lookbook Errol_Taslan_featuredTimes have gotten hairy for men. We need to talk about men with beards and buns.

We saw it at the 2014 Golden Globes. Two’s company, three’s a crowd. Jared Leto, Joaquin Phoenix and Alex Ebert worked the beard and bun combo. Hair envy? Us? What’s up with men wearing their long hair up to show off their über beards?

Elvine model Joen lets his hair down, and at the Golden Globes Jared Leto worked a slick lower bun with his hombre ombre. Joaquin Phoenix who only started growing his hair a few months ago looked like he was still working out how to rock this trend. Taking this look a bit further was musician Alex Ebert who received the Best Original Score award sporting a messy but coiffured up-do, complete with hidden curly grips and, of course, a fully grown beard.

Hair is a matter of taste and of genes. If you have it, flaunt it! And why not, right? How did recent displays of this (excuse us) ‘trampy’ look became so hot in men’s fashion?

Facial hair, as much as anything else in fashion, operates on a cycle. Things got very hairy in the 70s when hippies (a term that evolved from the word ‘hipster’) propagated free love and let their hair grow naturally long. In the 80s, setting themselves apart, yuppies promoted the clean shaven look. Work in an office? You have GOT to shave! Yet the annoying never-ending drill of shaving and the hair inevitably growing back (men, we feel you!) had a sexy five o’clock shadow seep into the mainstream. And a stubble is not so far away from a fully grown beard…

The fashion conscious man of today tops off his beard with a bun, receding hairline permitting. What do we think of this do? Ask a Berliner, for example, and they’ll tell you that they’re so sick of it. The bun with beard has become somewhat of a uniform style among hip creative types that seems to second the top knot craze we’re experiencing amongst women. Yay or nay?

behind the scenes lookbook shoot elvine maker of jackets behind the scenes lookbook shoot elvine maker of jackets 2 behind the scenes lookbook shoot elvine maker of jackets 3 Berlin street artist caught by Elvine Clothing Instagram Elvine AW2014 Elvine behind the scenes look book photo shoot model Joen playing piano Elvine Bread & Butter Elvine HONO jacket fall winter 2014 Elvine top Marcus BlockJared Leto Golden Globes 2014 beard and bun Joaquin Phoenix Golden Globes 2014 beard and bun 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals Alex Ebert 2014 beard and bun Alex Ebert Golden Globes 2014 beard and bun Beard and bun Beard and bun 2 Beard and bun 3

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