Introducing SUNDRY to the mix: Interview with Matthieu Leblan


Combining Californian vibes with a healthy portion of Southern French aesthetics, womenswear brand Sundry is hitting the British shores. The label that is already available at Question-Air, will launch at Selfridges in March.

Expect to be blown away by Sundry’s beautiful simplistic silhouettes that come in a refreshing colour palette and have been crafted using the most comfortable fabrics. These are the sort of clothes that make you want to run out into the sun and have your picture taken. We ask the creative force behind Sundry, owner Matthieu Leblan, about the label’s direction and find out about his nostalgia for the South of France, his favourite Sundry garment and the best advice he’s ever been given.

What is the philosophy behind Sundry and how did the label come into being?

Matthieu: The philosophy behind Sundry is to use the best possible fabrics on our easy silhouettes.  We are a lifestyle brand that aims to make comfortable, beautiful clothes that women feel good wearing.  Colour is another big thing for us.  When we choose our fabrics we always consider how the fabric will take the dye since all of our products are garment dyed.


We love everything in the collection but what is your personal favourite piece?

Matthieu: This is going to sound funny, but I love all the dresses! I think it’s because it’s the most far off thing for me since I’m a man.

What do you feel are the key requirements in a perfect item of clothing?

Matthieu: The key requirements are always fit and feel – the DNA of what we do here at Sundry.  You have to feel good about what you’re wearing, both because you know you look good wearing it and because it also feels good because the fabric has that soft touch.


You have a background in art and graphic design. In what way does that transpire into your clothes?

Matthieu: Well the most obvious is that it definitely comes out in the graphic tees!  But not everyone knows that I do all the look books from the photography, art direction, and lay out of each book.  I like to be able to have creative direction on all aspects of the brand – not just the clothes.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Matthieu: Always have some cash on you!


Who inspires you?

Matthieu: When it comes to my work, it’s not “who” inspires me, but rather “what” inspires me.  I’ve always been influenced from nature and the beautiful landscapes of the South of France where I grew up. We would hike in the mountains nearby and I spent my summers along the shore.  Now that I live in Venice, CA I am much more nostalgic and think back to my childhood often. You can see these references in our graphics and colour schemes.

What’s in store for Sundry in the future?

Matthieu: I would love to do a Men’s Collection for Sundry.  It would be fun to design clothes I can actually wear!

sundry_spring14-18 sundry_contactsphotos-2

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