Introducing JAGGAR: Meet Kirsty Irwin

Jaggar Looks Kirsty Irwin 10

Self Service proudly presents Jaggar. Having seen and felt the beautiful pieces that Jaggar have in store for us in 2014, it comes as no surprise that this label has already experienced some major hyping down under.

Merging an edgy aesthetic with detailed craftsmanship, these are exactly the sort of pieces you want to be seen in when bumping into someone from the past. Jaggar’s effortlessly stylish garments will make you look like you know your fashion – yet without coming off as trying too hard. It’s the sort of understated chic that gets fashionistas’ blood racing. The South Australian label uses luxe fabrics such as leather, denim and exclusive prints in stunning silhouettes that have been crafted with great attention to detail and a strong aesthetic.

We quizzed cool cat Kirsty Irwin, musician, self-acclaimed coffee addict and Head Designer & Brand Manager at Jaggar, to talk fashion, Instagram inspiration and, of course, Jaggar. The label is set to come into UK stores later on this year in May / June and we have compiled some key looks for you to take an exclusive sneak peek at ahead of the launch.

Jaggar Looks Kirsty Irwin 13

What is the philosophy behind Jaggar and how did the label come into being?

Kirsty: It was a complicated start, with the label aiming to be exclusive to the FSHN BNKR online store. JAGGAR’s hype grew more than I could have ever imagined and we knew that we had to wholesale the label.

We love everything in the collection but what is your personal favourite piece?

Kirsty: Oh that’s a hard one. I have a huge love for leather so I think the Light My Fire leather pants in navy would have to be a favourite of mine.

Jaggar Looks Kirsty Irwin 3

What do you feel are the key requirements in a perfect garment?

Kirsty: My rule is it HAS to be flattering and comfortable. I have so many weird quirks about certain parts of the body, that I think the fittings teams think I’m crazy.

You have a background in music. In what way does that transpire into your clothes?

Kirsty: For me the design process always incorporates music. Most of the collections are based on certain types of music, albums or bands.

Jaggar Looks Kirsty Irwin 8

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Kirsty: I am still waiting…

We share your love for beautiful fashion photography. Which Instagram is your favourite to follow for inspiration?

Kirsty: Gosh, there are so many. I love photography accounts such as Ryan Kenny (@arekenny) and fashion blogs like Wolfcub (@wolfcubwolfcub) and Crystallography (@isabellaias).

What’s in store for Jaggar in the future?

Kirsty: World domination!

Well, we wouldn’t expect anything less… ❤

Jaggar Looks Kirsty Irwin 1

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