New Nightwear Space at Selfridges Launches

wildfox nightwear department selfridges

Selfridges’ flagship store on Oxford Street has just launched a new nightwear section. The area that had formerly been tucked away in the corner of the lingerie department, has just swapped spots with the tights section.

Well, nobody puts Baby in a corner, right? The nightwear section that also includes Wildfox, is now inhibiting a more prominent space on the third floor.

It’s an interesting shift to see that tights have switched with sleepwear. When previously women made a statement wearing colourful tights, the attention has now shifted to the home, or more specific, to the bedroom or the couch for that matter.

The likes of Instagram have allowed a sneak peek into the boudoir. Feeling comfortable whilst looking beautiful at home, portrays a different sort of confidence and Wildfox Pyjama Party delivers it.

At Selfridges, apart from the main PJ line, some beautiful Wildfox exclusives in black and white are also on display. For example, the cute ‘It’s not my bedtime yet’ cover-ups are the perfect piece for night owls.

The beautiful gift boxes that Wildfox PJ’s come in and the decorated tree within the nightwear space remind us that Christmas is fast approaching. It’s the season to snuggle up!

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