All Eyes on Brows

eye brow cara delevingne

Was it Cara that made big brows beautiful or did she march onto the scene at exactly the right time?

Recently brows have had more attention. Loads. Attention to be more natural, away from the over-plucked brow that had been so popular with women up until last decade. The nineties might be back but they certainly left the over-plucked brow behind.

It’s interesting how things run in different cycles. While certain fashions from the late 1990s have come back, such as cropped tops and high waisted trousers,  eyebrows seem to be running on a different fashion cycle. They were at their absolute thinnest during the 1920s and 1930s (think Marlene Dietrich with her completely plucked eyebrows who merely replaced them with a thin drawn lines and were at their thickest during the 1980s. And then came Cara Delevingne

It’s good to see that the natural look has come back and is firmly rooting itself within the teens of the 21st century. Most pluckers are laying off the tweezers these days (Gwen Stefani and Drew Barrymore, for example) and are being more bold with their brows. There’s a bit of Cara in all of us!

eyebrow cara delevingne eyebrows drew barrymore eyebrows drew barrymore 2 eyebrows gwen stefani no doubt eyebrows marlene dietrich eyebrows marlene dietrich 2 hbz-march-2013-drew-barrymore-saint-laurent-lgn-e1359649508981 eye brow audrey hepburn eye brow jourdan dunn eye brow gwen stefani eye brow beyoncebrooke shields 80s vogue cover

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