Interview with Michelle Siwy, Wildox Denim Director

wildfox denim marianne celestial

Wildfox has shaken up the denim world with a range of denim that stands out from the crowd and completes the Wildfox look from top to toe. We spoke to Michelle Siwy*, the designer behind Wildfox Denim.

From the hologram Twinkle to the tie-dye Foolish Love styles, jeans by Wildfox are never going to be just plain ordinary. Whilst perfectly fitting your feminine silhouette, the different cuts and washes add a bit of Cali chic to your life.

wildfox denim marianne lovestruck

What has the process taught you about how to make well-fitting jeans?

Michelle:  I’ve learned there are no short cuts, no matter how seasoned you are. It’s important to stay completely hands on to get perfect jeans every time.

wildfox denim carmen foolish love

What defines Wildfox Denim?

Michelle: Wildfox has a very unique place on the market with room to offer not only serious, high end jeans but also has a client willing, trusting and open to try very fun styles that capture the Wildfox brand DNA. All of these details combined with the perfect fit make Wildfox Denim very rare and covetable. By nature, a lot of the styles nod to a vintage aesthetic. Somewhere between the 70s and 80s is my favorite time for fashion. Wildfox has nostalgia written all over it and that translates beautifully into denim.

wildfox denim marianne ambition wildfox denim marianne windchimes

Do you have a favourite pair?

Michelle: I love the ease of our boyfriend jeans in distressed washes. It’s comforting and familiar. The holes become larger and unique to each person. We have every girl in our office wearing them and they look totally different from each other within just a week. Some have holes that have completely opened and some haven’t. It’s beautiful to see them change over time.

wildfox denim marissa secrets wildfox denim raquel black sequins

You’re a New York girl; how did you incorporate this into Wildfox’s California cool vibe?

Michelle: I try to incorporate style and function into the denim. Living in NYC constantly reminds me of that.

wildfox denim marianne twinkle wildfox denim raquel navy sequins

What are your key requirements in a perfect pair of jeans?

Michelle: The first thing is to make sure you are truly wearing the correct size. Try a size up and size down. You’d be surprised how many people think they are bigger or smaller than they really are. There is a big difference in comfort and appearance when you get it right. Then turn around and make sure everything is working out and looks good in the back. That’s what will give you a true lift not only in body but in confidence.

wildfox denim marianne onyx

You counted Rachel Bilson, Kate Moss and Nicole Richie amongst the many fans of Siwy, but who do you think the ultimate Wildfox denim girl is?

Michelle: Can you answer this one? I’d guess the same and say the girls above already are Wildfox fans and add in a few more.

wildfox denim raquel red sequins wildfox denim marianne cosmic

Wildfox Denim is available at Harvey Nichols, Selfridges, Harrods and online at Asos and Wildfox UK, among other retailers.

Kate Moss wearing the Wildfox Denim Carmen in Airkiss

Kate Moss wearing the Wildfox Denim Carmen in Airkiss

Michelle Siwy

Michelle Siwy

*Michelle Siwy is no longer affiliated with the Siwy Denim brand and the denim products advertised by Wildfox are not produced by Siwy Denim.

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