A Journey Through London Subculture: 1980s to Now

Silbing Sister AW13 Catwalk Cara Delevingne by Christopher Dade London Subculture ICA

In an offsite project at the Old Selfridges Hotel, the ICA is inviting visitors to A Journey Through London Subculture: 1980s to Now, showing until 20th October.

It’s an unusual venue, West London meets subculture. Located directly above Selfridges Food Hall, gutted, raw, carnevous, the floor giving way under one’s steps, the chip wood vitrines on spindly legs bowing as you walk past them.

The project consolidates a variety of disciplines, including art, fashion, graphics, music, craft and design from London’s creative scene. Gilbert & George, Alexander McQueen, Giles Deacon, Vogue Fabrics Nightclub, Sibling, J W Anderson, Louise Gray, Fashion East, SHOWstudio and BoomBox are among the sixty influential figures represented within the space.

Within the exhibition, different disciplines from different moments in time are juxtaposed across fifty six curated vitrines, alongside video works, installations, billboard-sized images and displayed garments. The Journey Through London Subculture asks, in which way might one have influenced the other?

The exhibition offers nostalgic glimpses into London’s colourful camp subculture from the 80s until today, in this fragmented collection that homes in on the overall postmodern theme.

Top image from SIBLING, SISTER catwalk image AW13 of Cara Delevingne

Knit Monster Sibling 2010 Journey Subculture ICA BodyMap Andy Lane by Peter Lindbergh London Subculture ICA Princess Julia Boy George Subculture London ICA Lousie Gray AW13 Journey Through London Subculture 80s to now ICA

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