Junk Food Fall 2013: 90s Grunge & 50s Varsity

JunkFood Fall M 1Junk Food Clothing’s Fall 2013 collection takes inspiration from early 90s grunge and 50s varsity.

Junk Food’s take on the early 90s comeback references the grunge movement and its darlings, like Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain, Drew Barrymore with daisies in her hair, movies like Reality Bites and Singles and mix tapes full of Smashing Pumpkins and Fiona Apple.

Because in the early 90s the cool kids were also nostalgic for the 1950s with its rebels and jocks in embroidered bomber jackets, club patches, team jerseys and saddle shoes, the 50s varsity style made for a great pairing of both influences in one Fall 2013 collection.

What’s new for Junk Food for Fall 2013? There are new styles, graphics and techniques as well as new licences. Classic bodies infused with new details including elbow patches, heavy stitch details, rolled sleeves, raw edge hems, side splits, colour blocking and asymmetrical hems. There are new fabrications completing the range of super soft textures so distinct to vintage garments: heavy loop french terry, lightweight tri-blend, drapey cotton/modal, classic heather french terry fleece, linen blend jersey and over dyed heather stripe have all been added to the range. In terms of new techniques, we are seeing allover printing, small embroidery hits, front and back embroidered jackets, distressed flocking, foil prints and twill patches.

The graphics in this collection are inspired by both themes, drawing from 90s grunge and 50s varsity style. The new licence The Breakfast Club fits perfectly in the 50s varsity theme with its story of high school archetypes, like the rebel and the jock.

A modern twist on vintage art, front and back jacket embroidery referencing Cosmic Cat Club and Nobody’s Hero are each inspired by the 50s bomber jacket. There is some 90s inspired copy with cool slogans including ‘Work in Progress’, ‘Don’t Give a Damn’, ‘Sin is In’ and ‘Whatever Nevermind’, as well as allover ‘scribble’ print references showing doodling on notebook paper.

Junk Food Fall 2013 will be in stores next week and will be available at Harrods and also brand new at Next.

JunkFood Fall W 8 JunkFood Fall W 7 JunkFood Fall W 2 JunkFood Fall W 11 JunkFood Fall W 12

Moodboard for 90s & 50s inspired Junk Food Fall 2013 Collection

Moodboard for 90s inspired Junk Food Fall 2013 Collection

Moodboard for 90s & 50s inspired Junk Food Fall 2013 Collection

Moodboard for 50s inspired Junk Food Fall 2013 Collection

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