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Aloha! Welcome to Self Service’s very first food post.

But food and fashion doesn’t go together, you might scream. Well, we think it does, especially if you’re taking as much care preparing what goes on your plate as you take preparing your outfits. Here’s a selection of guilt-free snacks, curated by Self Service Showroom’s very own Lynsay, expert on fashionably healthy food, that is guilt-free, pesticide-free, non-processed and wholesome.

There is a huge, rapidly growing community of healthy food experts online that are sharing their latest recipes, instagramming pictures of their freshest concoctions and animating us all to join the trend.

The gut is the second brain. Without a healthy gut, it’s hard to absorb all the nutrients and vitamins you would like to benefit from. And a healthy gut can lead to a healthy immune system.

Here is a selection of recipes from Lynsay’s favourite food bloggers. Many of them are part of the Paleo or caveman trend that appeals to celiacs and gluten or wheat intolerants with their grain and dairy free diets.

A typical day might start with Pesto scrambled eggs on spinach toast, a recipe by Amy from the Holistic Ingredient, including a spinach bread recipe from Lee at Supercharged Food’s Blog. For lunch Lynsay recommends Holistic Ingredient’s Mediterranean inspired Salmon & Quinoa Fish Cakes. Dinner could be the egg and nut free Turkey Basil Artichoke Meatballs from PaleOMG or a vegetarian Indian Cauliflower Crust Pizza by Bev Cooks.

Indian Cauliflower Crust Pizza by Bev Cooks

Indian Cauliflower Crust Pizza by Bev Cooks

Did you know that sugar is the third most damaging thing for your skin after sunlight and smoking? Lynsay recommends trying these healthy recipes that substitute just about anything and transform any dessert into a guilt-free pleasure. For example, cocoa is replaced by its healthier unprocessed version cacao. Here are our top picks that satisfy your sweet tooth. There are some low sugar Healthy “Peanut Butter” Cups using healthier alternatives to peanut butter in this recipe from Tessa The Domestic Diva, a mouthwatering Matcha Sesame Cheesecake by Hungry Rabbit including matcha or maccha, a finely milled green tea powder, and a particularly delicious Walnut Brownie Breakfast Mousse/Smoothie recipe by the Holistic Ingredient.

Matcha Sesame Cheese Cake by Hungry Rabbit

Matcha Sesame Cheesecake by Hungry Rabbit

To boost your energy, Lynsay suggests snacking on Protein Balls from the cleanleanhealthy.tumblr or drinking super food smoothies and juices, that take healthy drinks to new extremes with super ingredients and weird combinations! Try the Mango Ginger Immune Support by Gregory Y. on Simple Green Smoothies or the Mean Green Juice by Make Your Life Amazing. These are the best way to get nutrients fast, but drink quickly and only fresh!

Mango Ginger Immune Support by Simple Green Smoothies

Mango Ginger Immune Support by Simple Green Smoothies

Are you ready for the healthy switch?


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