Wildfox at Selfridges Denim Studio on 3

wildfox at selfridges denim studio on 3 _2The new Wildfox Pop Up space has just launched on Selfridge’s 3rd floor Denim Studio, here to stay for the next four weeks.

Within the new Wildfox space that has just popped up in Selfridges’ flagship store on London’s Oxford Street, there will be Wildfox Denim that is set to launch tomorrow, mingling with some Wildfox faves including Wildfox Sun and the latest collection Daisy’s Girls, completing the Wildfox look from top to bottom.

Comprised within the caged structure featuring shots from the Daisy’s Girls campaign against mirrored, black and white acrylics, the props centre around all things Wildfox. There are disco balls, rainbow-coloured lampions that put summer BBQs in mind, modernised vintage glam trunks and the big mirrored W’s and FOX signs that have been trending on Selfridges’, Wildfox’, denim designer Michelle Siwy’s and Wildfox UK’s instagrams. The mannequins on display are holding up signs with slogans taken from the tees and jumpers of the Daisy’s Girls collection, all very 1920s Prohibition style.

Stop by to see the out of this world Pop Up space at Selfridges within the Denim Studio, but hurry because it will only be there for one month!

Selfridges are running some exclusive styles: there’s the all time favourite, the classic Wildfox Seeing Stars jumper which the department store offers in a summery light bright pink as well as in a bright blue that remind us of the ocean.

To top things off, there will also be a list of exclusive Wildfox Denim styles available only to Selfridges throughout the time that the Pop Up space is running. Look out for the Carmen in Airkiss (a low-rise skinny), the Marianne in Pebbles and Twinkle (mid-rise skinny), the Gia Captivate (legging) and the Marissa Secret (boyfriend).

If you can’t get to London, visit Wildfox Couture UK and see the pictures below.

wildfox at selfridges denim studio on 3 _1 wildfox at selfridges denim studio on 3 _3 wildfox at selfridges denim studio on 3 _4 wildfox at selfridges denim studio on 3 _5 wildfox at selfridges denim studio on 3 _6 wildfox at selfridges denim studio on 3 _7wildfox selfridges denim studio exclusive seeing stars jumper blue wildfox selfridges denim studio gatsby stole my heart wildfox selfridges denim studio sunglasses


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