New Wildfox Space at Harrods

Wildfox Harrods 7

There is a new Wildfox space at Harrods and it’s looking fresh.

Wildfox has moved to a different section within the fourth floor since our last visit to Harrods back in April as part of the Clueless Instagram Competition. In its new and more prominent space, Wildfox is now placed alongside denim labels as well as other Self Service brands Junk Food Clothing and Stylestalker.

As one of the top 5 brands within the Way In department of young fashion at the exclusive London department store, Wildfox is a hit with customers who regularly include royalty from the UK and the rest of the world.

Wildfox’ latest collection Daisy’s Girls, that has been inspired by 1920s’ allure and The Great Gatsby, is displayed alongside Wildfox Swim with its iconic rainbow prints and gorgeous pieces from Hello Sailor!

All of this is making us want to SWIM ALL DAY, DANCE ALL NIGHT, FALL IN LOVE, PIZZA.

Come and check out the new space at Harrods. If you can’t get to London, visit Wildfox Couture UK.

Wildfox Harrods 6 Wildfox Harrods 4 Wildfox Harrods 9 Wildfox Harrods 11 Wildfox Harrods 8 Wildfox Harrods 5 Wildfox Harrods 2 Wildfox Harrods 3


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