Fashion & Keith Haring

keith haring junk food clothing tee silverlake scoop tank in electric white

In the exhibition at Colette in Paris dedicated to Keith Haring earlier this year, French artist Maripol explored the influence the American pop and graffiti artist has had on fashion.

Keith Haring and Fashion showcased original drawings by the artist as well as photographs and pieces from Vivienne Westwood, Comme des Garcons, Swatch and Levi’s, among other fashion brands.

During his brief yet intense career, Keith Haring (who was a friend of Madonna’s) developed an iconic artistic style that gained international recognition. The thriving art scene in NYC in the 80s outside of the galleries and in the city’s streets embraced Haring’s original style and he became instrumental in organising alternative art shows.

Celebrating his outstanding artworks, US t-shirt label Junk Food Clothing has just released a Keith Haring range. In the UK, the arty range that’s part of the Summer 2013 collection is available at Truffle Shuffle. The online retailer has gifted a list of celebrities with the quirky tees, so look out for the likes of Cara Delevingne, the girls from The Saturdays and Fearne Cotton wearing Keith’s iconic designs!

Read more about the collaboration between Junk Food x Keith Haring below.

keith haring junk food clothing tee night rebel tank in black wash keith haring junk food clothing tee backstage cropped tank in mintHARING BOOK-1 junk food HARING BOOK-2 junk food HARING BOOK-3 junk food HARING BOOK-4 junk food HARING BOOK-5 junk food HARING BOOK-6 junk food

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