Interview with Giovanna Fletcher

giovanna fletcher falcone junk food clothing blah blah blah tee

She’s written a guest post on The World of The Scruffy and she’s just published her romantic debut novel Billy and Me . In an exclusive interview with Self Service, endearing actress and author Giovanna Fletcher lets us in on her dreams for the future, the scariest thing she’s ever done and a guilty pleasure we absolutely concur with.

Self Service: Could you tell us a bit about your book Billy and Me?

Giovanna Fletcher: On the surface Billy and Me is about a very normal girl (Sophie May) who falls in love with a huge teen heartthrob (actor Billy Buskin), but it’s far more than that. It’s a story about forgiveness, following your dreams and friendship.

SSUK: Are there any biographical elements in it?

GF: Hmm… I’d be lying if I said somewhere in it there aren’t tiny elements of truth, but that’s only a tiny seed in the whole thing. There’s one character who does actually stem from a real person and that’s an elderly lady called Molly. She’s based on a lady I used to work with in a local florist when I was thirteen. A gorgeous lady who I still think of regularly.

SSUK: Now that you’ve ticked off getting published, do you still have dreams for the future?

GF: Yes! To write more books, to get back on stage to my acting and to have lots of babies. Ha!

SSUK: You’re a fan of the tee brand Junk Food Clothing. What is it about this label that you love?

GF: It’s just so fun! Each piece comes with its own personality. Plus, Junk Food tees are always comfy. A major bonus for me!

SSUK: Who inspires you – in life, in fashion, in your art?

GF: Ah, everything inspires me. Everyone has a story to share, a heartbreak to dwell on or a smile to give. So to break that down, life inspires me.

SSUK: Do you have any advice for young aspiring writers?

GF: Just sit down and start writing. Go for it. Unless you have something written down on the page nothing can happen. Oh, and read lots – anything and everything.

Here are a dozen facts about Gi
Favourite holiday destination: Paris, so romantic.
Favourite book to take along with you: Jane Eyre, again for the romance.
Greatest style inspiration: Bananas in Pajamas.
Favourite song to dance to: Ah, that’s tough! Anything I can bounce around to. I love a bit of 80s pop!
Favourite song to sing along to: Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Favourite 80s or 90s TV series: Mork & Mindy! Ah, an amazing show!
Favourite animal: A penguin. No wait, a lion. No, wait, a monkey… I can’t choose!
Maybe they don’t exist, but I believe in: Fairies – they fly around creating magic.
Favourite sweet: I’m more of a chocolate prison but I love those pink and white foam mushrooms!
Guilty pleasure: A spoonful of Nutella.
Current phone / desktop image: A photo of me and my husband from a photo shoot we did for Hello magazine. It’s rather glamorous.
Scariest thing I’ve ever done: Jumped out of a plane in Australia… I was Skydiving.
Here’s a video of Mr and Mrs F performing Moon River from Breakfast at Tiffany’s together. Tissues at the ready, it’s simply beautiful… Gi is wearing her Junk Food Blah Blah Off The Shoulder Tee in it.

Wonder Woman: happy Gi on the day of her book launch enjoying a hot choc and apple strudel at Fortnum & Mason with her agent, while wearing a Wonder Woman Beachwood Raglan Junk Food Tee.

giovanna fletcher in wonder woman beachwood raglan junk food teeSpider Man, Spider Man… Mr F also loves a bit of Junk Food.

tom fletcher mcfly giovanna falcone junk food clothing

The Beatles rock. Gi in the Drifter Dolman by Junk Food.

giovanna fletcher falcone junk food clothing the beatles tee

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