Wildfox Clueless Competition

w hands wildfox space harrods clueless competition

Remember when Cher Horowitz announces that she never trusts mirrors and always snaps herself in her outfits with a Polaroid camera before she leaves the house?

The main character of the 1995 cult film hit Clueless, who also said that shopping was her cardio, inspired a recent Wildfox collection The Kids in America that was at the heart of a competition taking place in Harrods on Friday and Saturday.

Any Harrods Wildfox customers wishing to participate in the photo competition were encouraged to strike a pose, channelling the three main Clueless characters Cher, Dionne and Tai. The exclusive hamper that is up for grabs for the winner of this Instagram competition is worth £ 1450 ( $ 2200) and includes a Polaroid Z340, the Wildfox Sun Steff Mirror Frame in red, a Wildfox Swim pink towel, a lush limited edition Wildfox robe made of the softest velvet, as well as a limited edition Wildfox jacket from the Kids in America collection.

Throughout Friday and Saturday afternoon, models ‘Cher’ (aka Georgina) and ‘Dionne’ (aka Xuxa) enticed Wildfox customers of Harrod’s Way In department of young fashion on the fourth floor to join in the fun of having their picture taken in a Clueless pose. The pair were wearing limited edition Wildfox dresses before changing into iconic Wildfox tops: the Brigitte’s Heart Lake House T in bleached aqua and the Shipwrecked Lennon Sweater. To see more pictures from this event and to vote for the best Clueless pose, go to Self Service’s Instagram. The winner to this competition will be announced on Friday 3rd May.

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