Keepsake Carousel

White Noise Top and Electric Feel Pants Black Metallic Teal Keepsake Carousel

Keepsake’s latest collection to hit UK stores Carousel  brings us a spirited, feminine range of cute spring dresses to dance, laugh and play in.

The Carousel spring wardrobe comprises floaty maxi dresses, mini dresses, cigarette pants, high waisted mini skirts and cropped tops — all perfect for strutting off during long summer nights and on mild sunny spring days. Continuing from Keepsake’s previous drops Diamond Lights and A Silver Lining, we see the label’s distinctive features translated into spring summer 2013. There is lace, panelling, peplums and a mixing of textures and colour, such as in the Love Run By Maxi Dress and the Walking In A Dream Maxi Dress in cornflower blue with aqua lace, there are sequins and beadings, such as in the Penny Lane Bolero or the Sweetest Thing Skirt.

The colour palette of this range reflects that of a fairground. Key trend colours emerald and monochromes ivory and black are juxtaposed with candy pink, cornflower blue and aqua as well as a textured, shimmering teal and pink that bring the metallic aspect of the machinery of the carousel on both the fairground and the music box.

Like the carousel, the fashion cycle spins with music, too. Music and fashion are interwoven with each other in both pop and subculture (Punks in the 1970’s, 1990’s grunge, the influence of the Spice Girls on fashion etc.). A style of music is represented by a style of dress and vice versa. These fashionable styles are then adapted into the mainstream to people who are constantly craving newness and nowness. Jump on the carousel and allow the music to experience the beauty of the moment as it spins past.

Love Run By Maxi Dress Gold White Ivory Keepsake Carousel Hung Up On You Dress Monochrome Monocromec Baroque Print Keepsake Carousel Just What I Am Dress forest green draped Keepsake Carousel Never Miss A Beat Body Dress white black beige cutouts Keepsake Carousel Walking On A Dream Maxi Dress cornflower blue aqua lace Keepsake Carousel Little Miss Dress forest green Keepsake Carousel Your Words Top and Sweetest Thing Skirt white ivory floral print monochrome Keepsake Carousel Walking On A Dream Long Sleeve Dress black lace Keepsake Carousel White Noise Dress emerald print Keepsake Carousel Fields of Gold Dress black beading Keepsake Carousel Little Miss Dress monocrome monochrome bold stripe Keepsake Carousel Young Love Dress Keepsake Carousel black sequin Can't Stop Now Playsuit Keepsake Carousel black monochrome monocrome baroque print Never Miss A Beat Dress Keepsake Carousel candy pink cream Lights And Music Top and Electric Feel Pants Keepsake Carousel ivory clear beads metallic rose gold Wild In The Willows Dress and Penny Lane Bolero Keepsake Carousel ivory clear beads Dance With Me Dress Keepsake Carousel midnight blue Wind In The Willows Dress black Keepsake CarouselPictures In The Clouds Dress metallic teal Keepsake Carousel


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