Wildfox Sun Part II

wildfox sun

Wildfox Sun have launched a second season for Spring / Summer 2013.

An additional ten styles have been added to the collection of sunglasses whose ‘classic’ styles have not just been popular with the fashion crowd but also with celebs such as Beyoncé Knowles, Miley Cyrus, Alessandra Ambrosio, Vanessa Hudgens and Zosia Mamet from US hit series Girls.

Added to the core collection for Spring / Summer 2013 — that includes wardrobe staples “Winona”, “Steff”,“Classic Fox” and “Twiggy” — are the “Clubfox”, a clubmaster-style frame and the oversized cat eye “Kitten”. Fashion pieces such as the sleek, accentuated cat eye “Le Femme”, the heart shaped metal frame “Lolita”, and the extreme oversized round “Bianca” pay homage to an unparalleled cast of iconic characters known for their eyewear throughout history.

The range is designed and developed by eyewear designer Benjamin Montoya of Benjamin Eyewear, who was inspired to create “A classic, well thought out collection heavily influenced and balanced with the palette and energy of Wildfox.” Each frame is handmade.

Look out for the new styles that will be available at Harvey Nichols and ASOS soon.

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