Elvine UK Launch

elvine uk launch photo 1

Yesterday saw the UK launch of Elvine to a crowd of press, stylists and bloggers in central London.

Established in 2001, the brand has developed a broad following across Scandinavia and will now be available in the UK with autumn winter 2013.

With a particular focus on performance-led outerwear, the contemporary Swedish casual wear brand features duck down coats, bomber jackets, jeans, chinos, jumpers and a special collaboration with Grundéns. ‘We wanted to collaborate with Grundéns simply because they make the best rain jackets in the world,’ says Daniel Mänd, founder, CEO and designer of Elvine, ‘and since it rains a lot here [in Sweden], I’ve always wanted to design a classic raincoat that I would want to wear myself.’

Now, this is something that applies to British weather too! The raincoats were a huge hit with press and bloggers who admired Elvine’s dependable and trend savvy clothing at yesterday’s launch event. Organised by Fabric PR, press from Schön! Magazine to Jocks & Nerds and Tank rubbed shoulders with stylists such as David Bartlett and menswear bloggers Prince Cassius, Gianni from Manifesto 925 and The Style King, to name but a few.

The impressive, privately owned house at 68 Dean Street provided an appealing backdrop for the beautifully crafted, minimal collection that nods to tradition whilst welcoming a modern aesthetic and focussing on durable quality. The Swedish canapés went down a treat; and champagne was served as the sun set on Soho’s sky.

The label’s spring 2013 collection will be available at Asos from next week onwards.

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elvine uk launch photo 9elvine uk launch photo 10 elvine uk launch photo 8 elvine uk launch photo 7 elvine uk launch photo 6


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