New Wildfox Space at Selfridges

wildfox selfridges 2.

Selfridges’ flagship store on Oxford Street in London introduces its new Wildfox space. Self Service talk to Leon who works in Ladies Casuals and looks after the Wildfox space.

While the rest of Oxford Street is just waking up on this weekday morning, it sounds like there is a party in Ladies Casuals on the third floor of Selfridges. Shopping offline, a.k.a. the real world, really does appeal to all of our senses. While many things can be said in favour of online shopping (beating the queues or having a stress-free experience, for example) — it’s still quite a solitary experience.

The sort of expert advice you get in a department store as well-established as Selfridges goes a long way. Leon mentions that they get many customers asking how to wear Wildfox. ‘I think they like to come in to ours because we can style the outfits together, you can mix and match with Wildfox and other brands that stock on this floor.’

There is also the element of being able to touch what the clothes feel like with your hands, as well as trying them on. It gives you a good idea about the look and feel of a garment. Seeing the physical item also means that you get to see the exact colour and shape, whilst photographs and screens may often distort reality.

Leon explains why Wildfox has proven to be such a popular brand with his customers. ‘They love the fabric on the baggy beach. It’s the softest fabric I’ve ever felt… Everyone loves the star jumper. Because it’s really unique with the rips. Lots of celebrities are wearing the star jumpers. Some people just love the uniqueness of it. You can’t really get that anywhere else, that kind of style.’

The Wildfox shop space looks bright and bold with a gorgeous backdrop of the two best friends playing dress-up with Granny’s Closet. ‘I think it gives an overall look of Wildfox… Now we’ve got the backdrop, it shows who […] the Wildfox girl is… It shows a very fashion-forward look, rather than it just sitting on the rails.’

There is something about coming into Selfridges first thing in the morning that online retail can’t compete with — and it’s clear that it’s not just their staple yellow bag that people strut off around town and beyond.

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