Spring Is Here!

neighborshoodies blogspot wears finders keepers lake house pants

It’s official: spring has arrived (albeit only in our calendar and not so much outside just yet).

These are the things we look forward to doing in spring: being woken up by birds tweeting, sleeping with the window open, booking a summer holiday, having picnics in the park, going swimming, doing Yoga outdoors, falling in love, planting flowers and watching them grow, spring cleaning our wardrobe and making room for loads of new spring outfits, wearing hats or scarves to make a fashion statement rather than because we have to, napping in the garden, doing lots of style watching outdoors instead of behind the screen, learning a new skill, and above all: sunshine!

We welcome you, spring!

Image above from Neighborhoodies, Stephanie wearing the Finders Keepers Burning Ground Pants.

ulrikke lund wildfox sunglasses bel air Norwegian blogger Ulrikke Lund in the Wildfox Bel Air sunglasses.IMG_9925 Ria Michelle in Stylestalker Rebel Yell shorts and Wildfox Starstruck sunglasses.FriendinFashion_KEEPSAKE2 Friend in Fashion wearing the Keepsake Jane Dress.always judging LNA normandy shirtAlways Judging wearing the LNA Normandy Shirt.

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