Style Inspiration: The Band Tee


Whether menswear or womenswear, washed out or new, the band tee can be dressed up or down. Wear with denim shorts, trainers and a checkered shirt for a more casual approach. Smarten it up with a feminine skirt and a statement necklace. Team it with cigarette pants, a leather biker jacket and a beanie to get the models-off-duty look like Cara.

Cara Delevingne, voted model of the year in 2012 by the British Fashion Council, loves wearing this casual look. Like her, you don’t have to stay faithful to just one band. From Wu Tang to Nirvana, AC/DC to Guns N’ Roses, she struts off an array of different music icons printed onto tees – and she is not alone.

Miranda Kerr posed in an AC/DC long sleeved top on the cover of Russh magazine’s October / November 2012 issue and Demi Lovato wore the old school metal band’s t-shirt live on stage. Lana del Rey donned a distressed Velvet Underground tee by Junk Food Clothing, has been seen in Guns N’ Roses and recently wore an AC/DC shirt to a Red Hot Chili Peppers gig. Mmh… we wonder which music artists, as the epitome of self-referential irony, would be brave enough to wear their own t-shirt? But would that even work? Is the idea of the band tee not to publicly display what you’re inspired by? Can one be inspired by oneself?

Inspiration is not just something external, it is also about nostalgia: a longing for the past, usually for a time that one did not experience oneself (as an adult). There was a time when wearing band tees was the biggest fashion faux pas, whereas today street style blogs are full of the trend. We salute to you, fashion, for turning old ideas into ‘new’ and fancy ones!

Here’s a selection of current Junk Food Clothing tees and sweaters that feature some of our fave nostalgic bands, such as Blondie, Pink Floyd, Kiss, Run DMC and the iconic David Bowie.

Womens 2013 Spring Catalog Email NP-2 Womens 2013 Spring Catalog Email NP-2_2 Mens Holiday Catalog Email-2 2012 Womens 2013 Holiday Catalog (2)-4 2012 Womens Holiday 1 2012 Line Sheets LR-4 Mens Holiday 1 2012 Line Sheets (05 04)-2_2 Mens 2013 Spring Catalog Email NP-2 Womens Holiday 1 2012 Line Sheets LR-4_2

lana del rey velvet underground tee bandtshirtfashiongirlironmaidenmodel-8e0bb6eb5324ed6987c8f1ce6a7b9a23_h demi lovato ac dc tee la-modella-mafia-Barbara-Martelo-fashion-editor-street-style-Spring-2013-fashion-week-Balenciaga-tee cara delevingne rita ora band tee cara delevingne rita ora band tee 2 miranda kerr russh magazine ac dc lana del rey guns n roses tee cara delevingne guns n roses tee chanel main.original.496x564 cara delevingne kiss me tee cara delevingne band tee lana del rey acdc tee red hot chili pepper gig bandshirt1_large


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