Spring in the City


Close your eyes and imagine a warm day in late spring…

The sun is warming your skin, you can feel a comfortable light breeze that is making the leaves on the trees rustle and brings you the smell of fresh flowers and barbecues; there is the sound of chirping birds, voices of children’s laughter as they play in the distance, the breeze is bringing you wafts of a radio playing somewhere against the familiar sound backdrop of the city that has to stay outside. This is your oasis. This is your bit of nature amongst the concrete. This is a haven where you spend time with family and friends and let your soul run free.

Elvine Founder Daniel Mänd spent most of his childhood summers in Gothenburg’s Sävenäs allotment area that is tucked between the city centre and the motorway. It is where his grandmother Elvine cultivated flowers, fruit and vegetables with great care and where the family got together to enjoy sunny days, the beauty of nature and each other’s company.

Inspired by Swedish springs and summers at allotments, Elvine’s Spring 2013 menswear collection is beautifully crafted with an understated chic that works in the city as much as in rural surroundings. With names such as Alvin, Ben, Theo, Angus and Nicholas, the clothes of this collection have been named after the typical local, of any age, who you might find at an allotment. The collection is about to drop into UK stores and will be available at ASOS, among other stockists.

Elvine_lookbook_SS13-1_web-23 Elvine_lookbook_SS13-1_web-24 Elvine_lookbook_SS13-1_web-5 Elvine_lookbook_SS13-1_web-2 Elvine_lookbook_SS13-1_web-11 Elvine_lookbook_SS13-1_web-43 Elvine_lookbook_SS13-1_web-10elvine spring 2013 menswear theo jacket elvine spring 2013 menswear rocky jacket elvine spring 2013 menswear robin jumper elvine spring 2013 menswear nicholas jumper elvine spring 2013 menswear bentley jacket elvine spring 2013 menswear ben jacket elvine spring 2013 menswear angus camo elvine spring 2013 menswear alvin jumper Elvine_lookbook_SS13-1_web-9 Elvine_lookbook_SS13-1_web-8 Elvine_lookbook_SS13-1_web-35 Elvine_lookbook_SS13-1_web-41

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