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Leanne Woodfull Thunder and Threads Interview Self Service

From her distinctive style, down to her meticulous make-up and the quality of her writing, Leanne Woodfull’s blog about fashion and beauty is a compelling read that immediately got us hooked. In an interview with Self Service, the Irish Thunder + Threads blogger reveals her love for 90s pop and what got her into the blogging game.

Self Service: Leanne, you won the Wildfox Take 10 challenge on Valentine’s Day. What did you get up to that day?

Leanne Woodfull: I actually had a hospital appointment on Valentine’s Day, but I received a box of chocolates from my Mam when I got home — which was very nice indeed!

SSUK: Have you already spent your prize (a £500 voucher at Wildfox Couture UK)? What did you get?

LW: Yes, I have! I bought the Classic Fox Santorini Dress, the oh-so popular Seeing Stars Lennon Sweater in Blue, the Go Topless Baggy Beach Jumper, the California Girl Charlie Crop Tank and the amazingly 90s Are You Afraid of the Dark? Oversize V-neck! I’m so thrilled, to say ‘I’m excited about opening up that parcel’ is an understatement.

SSUK: What is it that fascinates you about fashion?

LW: How fashion reflects the times, how it allows one to express themselves and how it constantly changes and evolves.

SSUK: What prompted you to set up your blog in 2009?

LW: Boredom, lack of platforms to express my creativity and interests… and because blogging was apparently going to be the ‘next big thing’!

SSUK: What has been the biggest learning curve since then?

LW: To not put too much of yourself out there, to be proud of yourself and appreciate the people who support you.

SSUK: Do you have a favourite item of clothing that you keep returning to, whatever the season?

LW: My faux leather jacket, as always!

Leanne Woodfull Thunder and Threads Interview Self Service 2

A dozen facts about Leanne…

1) Favourite holiday destination: Prague!

2) Greatest style inspiration: Old Hollywood

3) Favourite song to dance to: Currently ‘Tearin’ Up My Heart’ by *NSYNC (cringe!)

4) Favourite song to sing along to: Reckless – You Me At Six

5) Favourite 90s thing: Nickelodeon

6) Favourite pet: Dogs

7) Maybe they don’t exist, but I believe in: Ghosts and ghouls!

8) Favourite sweet: Skittles!

9) Best party moment: Having all-nighters in town with friends at the age of 16

10) Favourite workout: Walking to my fridge and back!

11) Guilty pleasure: Cheesy 90s pop

12) Current phone / desktop image: 40s pin up girls on the beach on my phone, and a California beach from the 50s as my comp desktop.

Leanne Woodfull Thunder and Threads Interview Self Service 3

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  1. I love Leanne’s blog! Cheesy as it is, she is one of my idol/inspirations, and it was her that motivated me to start blogging, I guess. I would love to be interviewed- I’ve had my blog little over a year now and I love it! As a 15 year old blogger Im proud of my 70 followers (total) but it’s my love of fashion that inspires me to post of course!

    – Rachel x

  2. Hello there! Im a new blogger right now. My blog it’s going to have the 1year & i started to write about to express myself as a fearless persona in the street-fashion & deliver to the people how to deal with our own personality expressing with the cloth showing who we are & leave behind “What if people judge me because im wearing this… etc etc etc”. I create my blog from my perspective of view & showing the people how to be more comfortable with their own personality & each person with each different style. My blog you can find it on Blogger, Get Mad For Mod.

    Tatiana Cruz

  3. I absolutely adore Leanne. Her always-true-to-herself spirit is so refreshing.
    I’d love to be interviewed! Blogging and writing the things I love makes me absolutely over the moon. Having a chat with you all would be great.

    -Tara Joy

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