Escape to the Lake House — Finders Keepers


Spring combines opposites. It’s a transition period between winter and summer that stands for rejuvination, new beginnings and the restoring of energies. Clothing in spring can be tricky, when cold breezes as well as warming spring air are on the horizon.

Finders Keepers’ Lake House merges opposites in a collection set to show you the art of spontaneity through the use of original wearability so vital during this season. Filled with sophistication and a structured playfulness, Lake House is tailored, yet feminine; glamorous, yet cool; traditional with a modern twist.

The concept Lake House fuses vibrant landscape with architectural shapes. It is an escape to a place where the best of both worlds meet, inviting you to immerse yourself into vibrant nature and classy culture. Silhouettes impress with an inconsistent appeal and a futuristic vibrancy. Highlighting the collection’s unique personality, styles stand out as sharp asymmetrical lines stream across the body. Detailed with zippers and studs and embellished with glossy tweeding and velvet cut-outs, the season balances out through a colour palette of cool hues such as blue, sherbet, black, and spring’s whiter than white trend shade.

Created from a mix of turquoise, purple, indigo, and baby blue hues, the Lake Tahoe photographic print is expressed in multiple style options, including the collection’s Final Cut Pant, Take It Back Shorts and Lost For Words Dress. The I’ve Been Loving Playsuit, Maxi Dress, and Skirt intrigue as layers overlap creating a geometric trend while the Tiny Dancer Dress, Lost For Words Shirt and Singlet Dress introduce and elaborate the season with elegance.

Finders Keepers’ Lake House is arriving in UK and European stores this week.

ONE MORE TRY LS DRESS EMPTY SKY LS TOP FK0213NH007 FK0213NH013 FK0213NH014 FK0213NH015 FK0213NH021 FK0213NH009 FK0213NH022 FK0213NH023 FK0213NH028 FK0213NH039 FK0213NH041 FK0213NH042 FK0213NH044 FK0213NH045 FK0213NH047 FK0213NH049 FK0213SH002 FK0213SH001 FK0213NH052 FK0213SH018 FK0213SH019 FK0213SH027 LITTLE PIECE BOMBER JACKET LOST FOR WORDS LS SHIRT IVORYaimee-song-wears-finderskeepers-ive-been-loving-maxi-dress-salesaimee song finders keepers asymmetrical white dress lake house 2 aimee song finders keepers asymmetrical white dress lake house

Blogger Aimee Song of Song of Style wearing the asymmetrical I’ve Been Loving Maxi Dress to the Luisa Via Roma Black & White Dinner Party at hotel Villa Cora in Florence.Natalie Bassingthwaighte  ive been loving maxi dressNatalie Bassingthwaighte wearing the I’ve Been Loving Maxi Dress christina-milian-wears-finderskeepers-one-more-try-dress-sales

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