She’s A Replicant


Past visions of the future are being revived as Stylestalker’s Spring 2013 collection Replicant arrives in UK and European markets.

The drop coincides with Kraftwerk’s retrospective of their musical oeuvre at Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall, with their penultimate show this evening as part of eight consecutive gigs, dedicated to each of their eight albums. The godfathers of techno, Kraftwerk promoted a dependent relationship between human and machine, with a clear message that there should be harmony between both entities.

Stylestalker’s Replicant is a response to the Ridley Scott film Blade Runner, just over thirty years after its first release. Replicants are genetically engineered organic robots who look just like humans and were designed to carry out dangerous and menial jobs. Banned from returning to earth, those disregarding these limits are hunted down by blade runners.

While the film portrays a dystopian outlook of the future (the then still distant 2019), Stylestalker’s vision focuses on the utopian aspect: once the ‘destruction of planet Earth’ has been overcome, there is an imagined perfect life waiting in the future.

‘REPLICANT was born from the depletion of natural resources and subsequent destruction of planet Earth. A journey to the future of human civilization, Replicant takes us to another galaxy, where life as we know it presents itself in a new light. Echoing the vast and desolate landscape of this new environment, Replicant combines a myriad of textures and prints with pops of colour into sculptural shapes that are out of this world.’

This truly postmodern collection sees a diverse range of styles, shades and silhouettes. There are photographic prints of a night skyline that bring the opening scene of Blade Runner to mind; graphic prints that evoke pixelated stardust and galaxies on the one hand and floral prints on the other. The sci-fi ix merges with the organic, just like they do in replicants.

The silhouettes are more experimental, incorporating the latest trends in fashion with a twist. There is the Galactica Shirt, for example, that still allows for the closing of the top button at the collar but features a slim cut-out at the décolleté. The high-low skirt and dress effect is reinterpreted here with a hemline that is lower at the sides and higher at the front and back; there are laced up Robocop leggings as well as gorgeous high waisted shorts and skirts. The ‘My Kinda Guy is into Sci-Fi’ tee is an über cool and refreshing interpretation of retro-inspired fan t-shirts with its splashes of neon pink and electric blue.


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