Oh My Genetic

Genetic Jeans The Ivy Super Royal The Hyde Super Royale

Jeans have become the uniform of everyday life. An item you can wear whatever the weather and to just about any occasion, jeans can be styled up or down, they are available in all the different shades of the colour palette, striped, with a zip or buttons, cropped, boyfriend, skinny, bootcut, flared; the possibilities are endless!

Once you’ve found your favourite pair of jeans, like, ever, you probably want to hold on to them. And, boy, is denim durable! Sadly, only diamonds are forever, so at one point in the distant, far away future your favourite jeans will (god forbid) fall apart or (even worse) be completely out of season. And then what?

Shopping for your perfect pair of jeans has been dubbed as ‘finding the holy grail’ by the fashion press. It’s the needle in the haystack — the impossible, frustrating task. Yet everybody has at least one pair of denim in their wardrobe, right? So what could be better about the jeans you currently own? Where is the pair you truly love because it’s not just endlessly comfortable but also makes you look like a goddess? What is the formula that constitutes the perfect pair of jeans?

If there is such a formula, then Ali Fatourechi, aka ‘the Denim Guy’, has it. Over the course of a year, Ali selflessly interviewed hundreds of women to find out what exactly they looked for from their denim. His obsession and research continues, as he perfects and updates the look and feel of each denim of his brainchild Genetic. The label he founded in 2006 has been a favourite with celebrities, from Diane Kruger to Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfried (Les Miserables), Kristen Stewart and Emily Blunt to Zoe Saldana, to name but a few.

The luxurious fabric used in Genetic jeans is the softest you’ve ever felt which makes them so incredibly comfortable. After all, the jean, as the most versatile garment, can be worn all day long, all year round.

Genetic has just been added to the Self Service UK portfolio of brands. Welcome Genetic!

Genetic Jeans Liam Poppy Genetic Jeans The Romy Navy Genetic Jeans The Slim Raven Genetic Jeans The Ava Crop Muse Genetic Jeans The Ava Crop Muse 2 Genetic Jeans The Romy Navy 2 Genetic Jeans The Carine Hepburn Stripe Genetic Jeans The Shya CambridgeMiranda-Kerr-Genetic -kate_beckinsale-genetic-denim-jeans-JT kate_hudson_genetic_denim_jeans Jessica Biel Shane Onyx emily-blunt-genetic-denim-airport DianeKruger3 Zoey Saldan Amanda Seyfried goes Mustard! amanda-seyfried-genetic2 DianeKruger1

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