Blog stalking in the Snow

kerti pahk blog Snow 2

Snow transforms land and cityscapes into enchanted scenery, thus providing a beautiful backdrop for photographs. Let’s take a look at what fashion bloggers have been snapping while the outdoors is covered in icing sugar.

As people are going out into the outdoors to build snowmen, sledge and have snowball fights, so are fashion bloggers, using the snow bedecked scenery as a backdrop for their style pictures.

Like a blank canvas, the white frozen mass, where no snowflake looks the same as another, allows for creativity to take place, giving every image a different look, an immediate fanciful quality.

It is as if the world has been put through a filter, where on the one hand everything seems familiar, but on the other it looks like a parallel universe, only that in this place everything has been coated by a thick layer of fluffy candy floss.

Here are some endearing pictures from (fashion) blogs that have been taken in the snow. What’s striking is how much fun the snow can bring, as we can see in the image by the Sartorialist of the girl jumping over a massive heap of snow in New York or blogger Pink Hearted Princess skipping in her SpiritHood. Snow simply invites beauty into the world, that is then reflected in an image.

Camille Over the rainbow snow LNA

Camille Over The Rainbow looking cool in her LNA tee.

Sartorialist Snow

Adrianna Glaviano jumping over a snow mountain in New York on the Sartorialist.

Raspberry and Red Blog Snow Stylestalker

Weronika from Raspberry and Red teaming snow and glitter in a sequined Stylestalker skirt.

me0wbox tumblr snow kitten

Cat in a snowy forest found on Me0wbox Tumblr.

VLUU P1200  / Samsung P1200

Adele Joanna in a Wildfox tee as part of the Take 10 Project.

kerti pahk blog Snow

Header image of road in the snow and picture above from a beautiful post on Kertiii, a fashion blog by Estonian fashion design student Kerti Pahk.

me0wbox tumblr snow kitten 2

Snowy kitty found on Me0wbox Tumblr.

Pink Hearted Princess Blog Snow Spirithoods

Pink Hearted Princess enjoying the snow with her Snow Leopard SpiritHood.

She Wears Fashion Snow

Kavita from She Wears Fashion looking stunning in the snow.

Sartorialist Snow 2

A passerby in red-soled Louboutins on the Sartorialist.

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