From Straight Up to Street Style

i-D straight up

Before street style fashion blogs, there was the straight up.

‘Invented’ by Terry Jones, editor and founder of i-D magazine, which sprung to life in 1980, the straight up is a shot of an idiosyncratically dressed individual, photographed against the backdrop of a brick wall. At the time, these photographs marked a stark contrast to those found in high gloss fashion magazines and broke traditional conventions by offering a real alternative to a fashion press obsessed with glamour and haute couture.

What used to be shown in the then still subcultural i-D magazine, has now become such an integral part of the mainstream, with new street style fashion blogs popping up in the world wide web on a daily basis. The straight ups of the 1980s were evidence of a change in the fashion theory model: from ‘trickling down’, where the catwalk dictates the trend to the consumer, to ‘bubbling up’, where the styles worn on the streets inspire high fashion (see Dick Hebdige’s 1979 book Subcultures: The Meaning of Style).

In the 21st century, the reality of fashion is made up of a complicated system in which trends move upwards, downwards, and, in the case of street style blogs, also sideways. The abundant flow of fashion images available online give inspiration to everybody ready to indulge in them; i-D magazine’s straight ups are still part of the scene.

Street Style LNA leggings

[Street style image found on Pinterest, Leggings — LNA]

[featured / header image from i-D]

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