Getting Ready for Bread & Butter: Top 3 Berlin Places

Berlin in Winter — Stil in Berlin

Bread & Butter is kicking off in a week’s time and Self Service UK will be reporting live from Berlin where Swedish clothing line Elvine will be exhibiting.

In a prelude to what’s to come next week, and with David Bowie naming his first single ‘Berlin’ after a decade of no music releases, here are our Top 3 of the coolest places to go to in the capital of the currywurst.

1) The best book shop in town (if not, ever) is ‘Do You Read Me?!‘. Stocked with a huge variety of titles from art, design and fashion books and magazines, their stock is sophisticated and for keeps, rather than for mere consumption. There is a welcoming atmosphere in this privately owned shop on Auguststrasse with the friendliest and most helpful of staff and a great selection of international titles.

2) Bar 3 is where the Berlin art gang hang and huddle against the round bar that dominates the centre of this minimalist space. Drink Kölsch beer while chatting to other guests and enjoy the good music (electro beats, naturally) in this positive ambience. There is a restaurant next door that we haven’t tried yet but promises to be good. In line with their understated chic so typical for the 21st century Berlin, they have no website, but they don’t seem to be needing one either.

3) Mauerpark literally means wall park. Admittedly, the flea market that takes place here on a Sunday is not exactly an insider tip. It draws in crowds of people who come to browse the many stalls that sell anything from vintage sunglasses, to porcelain, to GDR memorabilia. During the summer, the so-called Beerpit Karaoke Show hosts a huge outdoor singalong session. If you’re courageous enough to go on and perform, you will be applauded by the huge crowd of people that sit all the way up on the hill, giving it a mini amphitheater character.

Stay tuned for more updates from Bread & Butter next week. The seasonal fashion trade show will be hosted on the premises of the shut down Tempelhof Airport from 15th until 17th January 2013.

[Featured image of Do You Read Me shop by ZIRKUS and header image of Berlin in winter by Stil in Berlin]

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