Happy Twenty Thirteen!

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Happy New Year from Self Service UK!

Whether you partied like it’s 1999 or stayed at home playing games with your friends while recovering from the Christmas feast, we hope you were seeing in the new year in style and high spirits!

Here’s to 2013, a year that — according to Chinese astrology — will bring steady progress and attention to detail on the one hand and a need for focus and discipline on the other.

So what might the year of the snake mean for fashion?

As the fashion cycle progresses steadily, the style of the 90s is here to stay. Emphasis is on the detailing of apparel which determines whether an item blends into the masses or stands out from the crowd. Try to focus on investing in pieces that you love rather than like, while keeping a close eye on the trends that suit your personality and personal appearance. As for discipline, look after your clothes when out and about, eating food, leaning against that freshly painted fence or walking up too close to somebody with a lit cigarette.

And, of course, stick to those new years resolutions!

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