Happy Holidays from Self Service UK!

Self Service Dog Bullet as Christmas ReindeerSelf Service Dog Bullet in Christmas Jumper Self Service Dog Whisper as Christmas ReindeerAs another year is coming to an end, we look forward to 2013…

… and of course, Christmas! Don’t worry, the world won’t be ending on 21st December 2012 which also happens to be the darkest day of the year. Instead, the cycle of the Mayan calendar will start again and the age will move from the masculine into the feminine (apparently this is a bit like an Armageddon scenario for some).

Like every year, we will be showing off our beloved Christmas jumper — albeit, this year with a bit more pride — stuff ourselves with mince pies, our cheeks aglow from mulled wine and excitement. A week later it will be ‘Goodbye 2012 and Hello 2013’ when we will look our absolute, glamorous best for the festivities on New Year’s Eve.

We will be back in the New Year with more posts for you to browse through, ponder over, be informed by and enjoy, as well as exciting giveaway competitions, guest posts and much, much more!

Merry Christmas! Have the loveliest of holidays. Here’s to a fantastic 2013!

Self Service UK

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