Glam Rock Chic at SpritHoods

SpiritHoods are doing their first major step into apparel with the Glamour collection, an ode to their music festival roots.

The ‘Backstage Rabbit’, a full hooded jacket made out of faux brown rabbit fur, and the Glam Rock vest ‘Mystic Alpaca’ — which sold out in the US within a mere week — are a take on the music festival roots of the brand. Characteristic for SpiritHoods Glamour is its limited edition gold lining. The collection also sees some of the brand’s iconic animal hoods return with the glamorous lining.

Co-founder Alexander Mendeluk remembers how the SpiritHoods product ‘naturally got sucked up into the music scene’. Together with his co-founders Chase Hamilton, Ashley Haber and Marley Marotta, they went to festivals like Coachella and Ultra to ‘engage with the public one-on-one and truly communicate our vision for the brand and translate our love for the product.’

Mendeluk adds, ‘There was a lot of guerrilla marketing… a lot of late nights, celebrity closet discos and porch jamming sunrises. Basically, we were able to get the hoods on trendsetters by using the connections we already had through friendships. Ke$ha took the hoods on tour and that really helped the momentum. Soon celebs like Bruno Mars, Snoop Dogg, the Kardashians, Vanessa Hudgens, Pink and many more were wearing our hoods. But honestly, the product speaks for itself. Once people started buying it, and their friends saw it and experienced it firsthand, it really spread like wildfire. That’s something I feel like any good product should do… speak for itself.’


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