Win a bit of fashion history & join the tribe!

It’s competition time! Win a bit of fashion history from the shoot of i-D magazine.

We are giving away 3 SpiritHoods that were used in the photo shoot for i-D magazine’s Just Kids issue No. 320. Watch Behind the Scenes footage here.

The shoot literally saw explosions of colour as the models posed in enchanted natural surroundings and were snapped by Norwegian photographer Solve Sundsbo. The London-based artist started off as Nick Knight’s assistant and has photographed fashion royalty including Jourdan Dunn, Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Daisy Lowe, Lily Cole, Lily Donaldson, Eliza Cummings and Agyness Deyn.

For your chance to win one of the original SpiritHoods used in the shoot, subscribe to our blog and comment to tell us what makes you a Night Owl, Red Fox or Polar Bear. Join the tribe…

Winners will be announced on Tuesday 27th November 2012.


  1. Jade Clancy

    I’m a Night Owl! My dad brought an owl soft toy to the hospital when I was born, as a kid I took him everywhere and he helped me sleep, even now I still have him on my dresser next to my bed! ‘Owler’ is a legend in our family, he has cataracts and his yellow jumper is a bit of a state but I still love him to bits. Night Owls forever!

  2. I am definitely the red fox. As a passionate, quiet animal, i observe without being seen, hunt with agility and smarts. I am a redhead and tend to make a lot of noise during the night… I look harmless but beneath that exterior is a true tribe animal; I have a cheeky smile and have been called many times “THE Ms. Fox”.. I am true to my name.

  3. Mari

    I’d like to win the spirithood for my boyfriend because he is like a polar bear =D He’s protecting everyone he loves =D

  4. Myrah Anna

    I am defiantly a red fox as I am know for my reputation for intelligence and being cunning as well as that I am able to adapt to any type of environment with a love for the outdoors. Just like the Red Fox I am associated with mischief and mishap 😉

  5. Bev Russell

    I have always identified with polar bear. I am fiercely protective of those near and dear, and I can adapt to my surroundings – just as polar bears can move between ice and water. And I just love winter and snow. (I don’t even mind having to shovel snow!)

  6. Andrea Kågström

    Polar bear for sure, most important for me are those who are close to my heart, and i also have a strong will, if i decide to do something i never give up until i succeed. And like the polar bear i live in the north and have snow more than 3/4 of the year.

  7. Surely I am a Polar Bear.
    I love his candor, and his being tender and aggressive at the same time fits perfectly to my character: too much good, but moody!
    Thanks for the opportunity, I’m Italian and I really hope to win this wonderful hat ❤

  8. Jeanette Johansson

    I love the cold weather and all snow, i would love the polar bear to protect and keep me warm during this cold and dark season. Im already longing for my furry friend.

  9. Linnéa Viklund

    The red fox is by far my favorite and it fits my personality very well. My family and friends always says that i must have been a animal in my past life because of the way i act in different situations. I would love to show my spiritanimal to others aswell. 🙂

  10. Alexander

    Im a people person for sure, im strong, protective and warm. I would love to spend the winter as the polar bear i am.

  11. I am most definately a Red Fox, I can fool you as I sit back and watch, decide what I want, then fast as can be it’s mine. I also think of my self as being adaptable like the fox, I blend right in with any type of person, situation, and environment. I am however not arrogant or conceited, I just feel I identify with the fox spirit, but I am a true friend and use these traits to often help others in times of need and tough situations.

  12. Thank you all for your lovely comments. All winners have been contacted. Stay tuned for the announcing of the winners — and keep your eyes peeled for more exciting giveaway competitions!

  13. HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Jade Clancy, thekellyanne and Monica Giustina for winning the SpiritHoods Night Owl, Red Fox and Polar Bear respectively. It’s been great reading all your comments. Check back to our blog for more competitions and make sure you subscribe to participate in the Wildfox Twiggy Frames competition that ends tomorrow, Wednesday 5th December 2012. Good luck! x

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