Guest Post: The World of the Scruffy!

Gorgeous Giovanna Fletcher (neé Falcone), actress, writer and other half of McFly’s Tom Fletcher, met up with us and wrote a guest post on how to look comfy but lovely when working from home. We find it hard to believe that fabulous Mrs. Fletcher ever looks scruffy, but welcome to:

The World of the Scruffy!

When asked to write a guest blog for Self Service UK, I was a bit hesitant over what I could give to these glamorous fashionistas! For me clothes are usually about being comfy, but that’s because I’ve been sitting at my desk for the past year creating my debut novel. Anytime I try to work wearing something tight or uncomfortable, I fidget like mad and get close to no work done — yet put me in something comfy and loose, and I work away for hours.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. ‘She’s let herself go’; ‘She’s fallen into the place of no return — the world of the scruffy’. Well, actually, I’ve not. In the same way that wearing clothes that dig into my sides is unproductive, so is having no care whatsoever. You end up feeling like a goblin hidden in a cave, banished from the world. Not good.

Sitting down to work and feeling great is important. So here are my top tips to working heaven when wanting to be comfortable:

Always have a shower in the morning. Is that a sniffle I hear? It’s important. Sitting down and smelling clean opens up your senses!

Change out of those pajamas! As appealing as staying in your PJ’s might be, it’s not a good look when you have to answer the door to the postman or your neighbour who knocks wondering why he hasn’t seen you in days.

Wear a cute tee! Feeling a bit deflated when sitting down to work? Let a funky t-shirt lift your spirits! It might even give you some inspiration! I personally love wearing tops with superheroes, music idols or mind-fuelling quotes on, such as by US t-shirt label Junk Food. It perks me up.

Have a snuggle! A never-ending amount of greatness can come from having a snuggle as you work… What’s that? You live alone? Er, not talking about that kind of snuggle! I’m talking about wrapping up warm with my SpiritHood, of course! I am the proud owner of the Koala. Warm, huggable and cute!

No one wants to be seen as a slob (not even me), and sitting on your own at home all day doesn’t mean you have to become one. If anything, it gives you an excuse to dress for YOU. Dress how you want to be dressed, not how you think you ought to be!




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