“There is no bad weather, just bad clothing”

When it comes to rough weather, the stylish and cultivated Swedes think practically.

Our typically ‘awful weather’ should no longer be an excuse to stay at home and be slouchy whilst sipping cups of hot chocolate on the couch. Over in Sweden nature is enjoyed outdoors in its roughest form. Elvine’s AW12 menswear collection provides an aesthetic approach to free the mind of the thought that it’s the weather that determines what we’re up to.

Elvine’s tasteful menswear range is made to last in every possible sense. The robust jackets match the sophisticated casual look that is also running through the rest of the line. From the beautifully crafted shirts, to the knitted jumpers and cardigans, to the label’s chinos and denims; each piece is made to last beyond the current season in both quality and style, whatever the weather.

So next time you’re at home sulking on a rainy day, do it like they do in Sweden. Grab your friend’s dog and go out into the most inclement weather for a long and empowering walk with hot cheeks and a big grin on your face.

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