Dreaming of a place far far away….

With today being slightly sunnier than the rest, and all that horrid rain has vanished at least for a moment, we can finally start to imagine a summer in the UK. If that fails we can just dream of a place far far away and imagine yourself on a beach in the warmth, blue skies, and wearing bright summer clothes! Wildfox Couture does provide us with the perfect inspiration for this… If only it were true. We can however start preparing our suitcases for trips away this summer. You can check out what is new in at Wildfox Couture by clicking right here.

Introducing to you the brand new summer Jewellery collection, with new styles in rose gold, all inspired by the ocean and mermaids. There are some perfect statement pieces to brighten up your world, check out the rest of Wildfox Jewellery!

We are loving this stunning editorial featuring Lily Donaldson, the perfect mermaid inspiration…

Don’t miss out on 40% off destination Tee’s! Check it out here!

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