Common Sons SS12: A perfect ‘British Made Summer’.

The summer of 2012 looks set to be a busy one, full of parties for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, Wimbledon and of course the Olympic celebrations. if you are staying in the UK or visiting during this exciting time this also brings sea side trips, fish and chips, ice cream vans and pims! Will you be joining in the fun and enjoying a truly British summer this year? Here’s how to do it in style..this one’s for you boys.

Common Sons debut summer collection is all about the great British summer. Say hello to new styles that have that rich heritage yet still maintaining a modern twist, a truly authentic collection that is best described as well made but fashion conscious. The jumpers are bright and fun, we are loving the ‘smiling palm trees,’ Devon Jumper, the ‘Gentleman’s top hat and pipe’ Walpole sweatshirt, sailor boy inspired anchors and stripes and a new version of the ‘star’ Stella jumper!

You can get Common Sons straight from ASOS and Selfridges, what perfect timing to celebrate what is going to be one of the best UK summers yet!

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