Blood Is The New Black SS12!

Blood Is The New Black, a t-shirt brand best known for its eccentric graphics and designs, introduce their new Spring’12 collection. Designer Mitra Khayyam created the brand with the goal to design a collective of work showcasing emerging artists, designers, photographers and illustrators and to support the underground art movement through design collaborations. BITNB is already a favourite amongst Kirsten Stewart, Lil Wayne and Ke$ha!

The Spring’12 lookbook is shot by Dan Monick, also one of the designers for this collection. It’s got to be said, we are mega impressed with the rockin’ styling and graphics that go so well with the quirky t- shirt designs.

Spring’12 shows us designs by over 30 artists which include Andrew Kuykendall,  Dan Mountford, Bobby Wigham, Jan Hakon Robson and Dan Monick… to name a few! We love the thought  that goes behind each range, so personal and unique to the designers creative ideas! Take a look at what we have found about some of the design collaborators for Spring’ 12!

Check out this video for Spring 12!


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